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Product Features

The CoVis Business Framework creates greater visibility into the complex interactions of a company’s business models so leaders can better track and even predict the impact of their decisions while providing the intelligence required for rapid course correction.  In addition to enabling the mitigation of barriers preventing timely ROI realization, rapid course correction empowers your business to quickly adjust to tackle emerging opportunities. Companies that leverage business frameworks achieve greater returns on both their strategic and operating investments.

Business Framework

CoVis Framework Management Solution enables the management of the CoVis Business Framework Engine and provides the flexibility to integrate external industry standard frameworks along with existing internal frameworks. Integrating and managing your business framework in a centralized repository enables multiple management and support disciplines to use it for complex decisions making. 


CoVis' solution provides dynamic reporting that leverages the predefined relationships, analysis algorithms, prebuilt reporting views, and frameworks of CoVis' core engine enabling analysis from multiple business perspectives. The reporting templates provide access to these relationships in the cloud or through an open architecture that companies connect to with their existing in-house business intelligence solutions. The templates have been designed from multiple stakeholder perspectives and are self-service enabled allowing companies to configure the reports on-demand to highlight and focus on specific KPI's. This capability provides new insights to measure and fully understand the "causality" of performance while giving transparency to the impacts of the portfolios across the enterprise. 



CoVis' Simulation solutions are business flight simulators that enable your company to see the impact of your decisions from multiple perspectives.  With minimal data, the CoVis engine can calculate and provide a range of potential outcomes that can then be tracked against real world data as it becomes available.  This ability enables your company to identify internal and external factors that can impact your complex business and react faster to minimize adverse effects to your bottom line.

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