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Business Performance Playbook


The playbook provides a dynamic performance framework for giving management comprehensive views of how each operating model’s domains contribute to the performance of the business (measures, KPIs, drivers, impacts). 


The playbook identifies performance blind spots and establishes performance impact views across organizations and operating models. The offering provides transparency into the complexity and the causality of performance measures – e.g. the operating model patterns and variances that impact KPIs, SLAs and target measures.

State of Technology Playbook


The playbook creates "state of technology" analysis reports and views which aligns the technology performance to the business capabilities, operating models and business performance measures.


The playbook identifies technology performance issues, the business impacts, mitigation strategies, technology redundancies, and complexities. It derives the integrated roadmaps across operating models to achieve the ideal future state performance of the technology portfolio against the business strategy.

Legal and Compliance Playbook


The playbook analyzes the Operating Models (across the corporate organization/within the lines of businesses) and their corresponding regulations to define its business, technology, risk and compliance patterns. 


It identifies risk and compliance gaps across obligations, policies, procedures, processes, people, product and technology portfolios.  The offering gives transparency, along with defining the integrated roadmaps, to realize the opportunities to reduce risks, costs, remove redundancies and the complexities that impact the customer experience. The playbook enables compliance monitoring and performance dashboards unwinding the causality of KPIs while heightening the ability to understand the effects of regulatory or business change. 

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